Cher attends a fashion benefitCher might want to think about thinking a little bit more before tweeting and doing a little research before weighing in on current events via social media.

The legendary songstress attempted to voice her opinion about Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who is being accused of pretending to be black to become the head of an NAACP chapter, on Twitter Saturday (June 13) and totally missed the mark on the whole situation. 

Cher’s comment basically saying everyone wants to be black because they are cool angered and confused many fans who weren’t afraid to talk back. The singer then felt the need to clarify her comments and responded to several of the disappointed tweets, thus digging herself into a bigger hole.

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Cher even admits to not knowing much about the story itself, which then had people wondering why she said anything about it at all. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins