cheryl burke bachelorette gi Cheryl Burke on 'Bachelorette' rumors: 'It would purely be to find someone to date'A “Bachelorette” insider may have said that Cheryl Burke is “never” going to be handing out roses on the ABC reality dating show, but according to the “Dancing with the Stars” pro herself, it sounds like it’s still a possibility.

“I have met with the producers of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and I also have met with ABC producers and development executives, just to develop other shows,” Cheryl tells E! “I realize that ‘Dancing’ won’t be on air forever. I’m taking this opportunity now to develop shows. I met with different high-powered producers, companies and networks about possibly doing new shows, and ‘The Bachelorette’ happened to be one of them.”

She continues, “If I don’t do ‘The Bachelorette,’ I’m sure I’ll be doing something else very soon.”  

“Never gonna happen! Never!” a source who works on the show had told E! regarding the rumors, noting that Burke has been “begging to do the show” and not the other way around.

Whether she’s been “begging” or not, it does sound like Burke would like some help in the dating department.

“People tell me, ‘Why does Cheryl Burke need to go on television to look for a date?'” she says. “Honestly, it’s something I’ve been struggling with — I dated a few guys over summer — I end up picking the wrong people for me. I’m not successful at it. I just thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I let someone else do it?’ I think it would be a way for me to focus on a way to find true love.”

She adds, “I’m not doing it to be on television — I’m already on television! I’m not doing it to get exposure; I already have exposure. I think some people may go on there with a different type of goal of what they want to accomplish. For me, it would purely be to find someone to date, hopefully fall in love and get engaged.”

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Posted by:Jennifer Harper