cheryl reeve meltdown gi Cheryl Reeve meltdown video: WNBA coach loses her temper and her jacketIf you weren’t aware that the WNBA finals are happening, then allow us to clue you in with this now-viral video of Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve losing her cool — and her jacket — during Tuesday’s (Oct. 17) Game 2 against the Indiana Fever.

In the third quarter, Reeve became upset when officials didn’t call a foul on Lynx player Lindsay Whalen, who then earned herself a technical foul from official Michael Price once she complained. He also threw in one for Reeve as well, igniting the coach’s jacket-tossing rage. And much like in a middle school cafeteria fight, someone had to hold her back — and that lucky (and thankfully large) guy was assistant coach Jim Petersen.

“We’ve got a lot of league people here. It’s the WNBA Finals. So we have to be really, really careful in the things that we say. Clearly, I wasn’t happy in that moment. I’m not happy about how the game was officiated, period, but that’s all I’m going to say about it,” Reeve says per the Associated Press.

But hey, apparently the incident got her team equally fired up, as the Lynx moved the game from a tie to a final score of 83-71. However, Sports Illustrated reports Friday that the move earned Reeve more than a technical foul (and internet notoriety) — the WNBA also fined the coach for her outburst.

Check out the video of the coach losing it below.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper