Chevy-Chase-Donald-Glover-Community-Season-3-nbc.jpgIt’s been less than a month since “Community” troublemaker Chevy Chase last did something crazy, so the clock was ticking. Deadline is reporting that Chase had an “outburst” on set yesterday that involved use of the N-word.

The website notes Chase has “been increasingly frustrated and uncomfortable with the direction of his character, Pierce, who is a bigot.” Apparently, the latest dialogue written for Pierce made Chase so angry during filming that he predicted there could soon be a scene with the character calling African-American characters Troy (played by Donald Glover) or Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) the N-word.

From Deadline’s description, it doesn’t sound like there were any derogatory racial motivations on Chase’s part, he was more upset about playing a racist character.

Although both Glover and Brown are active on Twitter, it’s doubtful they would address the situation publicly. However, both actors recently posted cryptic tweets that could apply: “I have the gift of walking away. Always have. #ThatIsAll” Brown tweeted Friday afternoon. While Glover tweeted “told I’m probably dead inside” on Friday night.

Chase is not on Twitter. But this is hardly the first time the former “Saturday Night Live” star has expressed his displeasure with “Community” in a controversial way. In addition to recently declaring sitcoms (including his own) “the lowest form of television,” Chase infamously feuded with “Community” creator Dan Harmon, who was subsequently fired from the show by NBC.

Meanwhile, “Community” remains MIA from NBC’s schedule, although it was originally expected to return last night.

UPDATE: Both TVLine and The Hollywood Reporter have sources saying that Chase apologized to the entire cast and crew for what he said. TVLine says that production was “halted” before Chase apologized, while THR says Chase “apologized immediately.” Either way, it does appear he said “sorry.”

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