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Yesterday, the ongoing Twitter war, or “twar,” between showrunners Shawn Ryan (“The Chicago Code,” “The Shield,” “The Unit”) and Jeff Eastin (“White Collar”) hit a new level, as Eastin responded to Ryan’s invasion of his office on Super Bowl Sunday.

Click here and here for previous posts chronicling the conflict thus far (with pictures).

Each of the two is trying to be the first to get to 15,000 Twitter followers. A charitable donation is at stake, with Ryan giving to Autism Speaks, and Eastin giving to the ASPCA (not the “Charlie Sheen Future Defense Fund” or “Sober Valley Lodge,” as Ryan has previously tweeted).

On Tuesday, Eastin signaled on Twitter that something was up …

@JeffEastin Revenge is a dish best served cold. And today, our revenge
on @ShawnRyanTV is upon us.

twar-tim-dekay-white-collar-shawn-ryan-shield.jpgRyan was enjoying lunch with executive David Madden of Fox TV (which produced “The Shield” and produces “White Collar”) when “White Collar” star Tim DeKay, dressed as his character, FBI Agent Peter Burke, entered the Beverly Glen Deli with TMZ cameras in tow (HCTV: SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF POST). Ryan was handcuffed and led from the scene.

Eastin tweeted photos of the event (such as the one at left), and included a cellphone video. According to Eastin, footage could appear on today’s (Wednesday) TMZ show (check local listings),

Ryan first tweeted about seeking a good bail bondsman, then said …

@ShawnRyanTV Just got bailed out. Spending 4 hours in the FBI slammer allows
for many mischievous ideas to emerge.

I sought reaction from both camps. Ryan came in first last night, via email. That exchange is below.

Q: Did you have any inkling that the
“FBI” had its sights set on you?

A: No idea at all. He really got me.
Well played.

Q: Describe the moment of the

A: I heard someone ask if I was
Shawn Ryan. I looked up and saw a man in a suit with sunglasses. When he took
the glasses off I recognized him as Tim DeKay and then noticed a few people
with cameras filming. I immediately realized what was going on, and when Tim
announced that I was under arrest, I decided to play along.

Q: Did you have lunch companions,
and what did they think?

A: I was having lunch with David
Madden who is President of Fox Television Studios which produced “The Shield”
and now produces “White Collar.” He was in on it.

Q: Is this anything you expected?

A: Probably better than I expected.
It was a good one. And if it’s true that footage of it will be on the TMZ TV
program tomorrow, you have to give Jeff even more points.

Q: Since you did “The Shield,” “The
Unit” and “The Chicago Code” – which are not really “blue sky” shows — is this
a direction Eastin should be taking the twar?

A: Jeff might be playing with fire.

Q: Did you find a good bail bondsman
in Beverly Glen?

A: Same one that Charlie Sheen has
on speed dial.

Q: What’s the next step?

A: I’ve been planning things for
awhile, waiting for Jeff to respond to my Super Bowl nuclear attack on his
writer’s offices. Now that he has responded I’ll be able to act shortly. My
next attack may not have the “theater” that today’s arrest did, but
it will live on much longer. And, of course, I intend on beating him to 15,000
Twitter followers and making a generous donation to Autism Speaks.

Then I got on the phone this morning with Eastin.

Asked why he chose this as the next volley in the twar, Eastin says, “The day Shawn had broken into our offices, and left the (‘Shield’) poster, it was really classic. I was really impressed. I’d gotten tweets from friends saying, ‘My God, man, you’ve got to do something. He’s just waxing the floor with you at this moment.’

“His presentation, the build-up, everything was really well-done. I was actually at Tiffani Thiessen’s Super Bowl party when this all went down. The actors were there, the writers were there, and we immediately began plotting our revenge. Tim DeKay actualy suggested that he arrest Shawn.”

According to Eastin, they were going to spring the trap the first week of March, but Ryan was called into jury duty.

But when it did happen, Eastin says that Ryan’s reaction “was very satisfying. I think he may have felt the slightest bit of fear for about two seconds, until he recognized Tim DeKay. Then, after that, it was just a big smirk on his face as we drug him out.

“We tipped off TMZ earlier in the day, and they sent a camera over. Hopefully it’ll show up on the air today.”

Vic_Mackey.jpgAs to whether he is, indeed, playing with fire by bringing a show character into the mix, Eastin says, “If I was sitting in a restaurant with David Madden having lunch, and Vic and Shane (of ‘The Shield’) came up and perp-walked me out of the restaurant, that might go down as the single greatest day of my life, so I welcome the challenge.”

Of course, Ryan has added more cop characters to his stable, in addition to rogue LAPD Detectives Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis, at left) and Shane Vendrell (Walton Goggins).

“The Chicago Code,” airing Mondays on Fox, features Jennifer Beals (below) as Chicago Police Superintendent Teresa Colvin.

When the question is posed as to which would be better, being perp-walked by Vic andjennifer-beals-chicago-code.jpg Shane, or being perp-walked by Teresa Colvin, Eastin says, “Hmmm, that’s a good one. I think to be perp-walked by Vic and Shane and handed over to Jennifer.”

Finally, when told of Ryan’s comment above on his future retaliation plans, Eastin says, “Hmmm, right. Well, it’s mostly bluster, mostly fear-based bluster. We caught him completely off-guard yesterday, and his only response at that point was to make up some claim that he’s plotting a much bigger attack.

“They’re sad, empty words.”

UPDATE (4:10 p.m. PT): Ryan put out the word to his East Coast Twitter followers to see if his “arrest” footage made it on TMZ. He just tweeted this …

@ShawnRyanTV Points deducted from @JeffEastin for this. RT @garfe It didn’t make it on. Clearly they’re just afraid to take sides in the war.

UPDATE 3/15: Today, Ryan re-tweeted an answer Eastin gave to a Twitter question …

@ShawnRyanTV Oh, no. RT @funkytoad20: Was that the end of the prank war? RT @jeffeastin Watching him cry as he gets arrested.

And then …

I don’t see any crying here. Glad my arrest has finally been made public.

Attached to the tweet was a link to the following video of Ryan’s “arrest” …

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