chicago fire training 'Chicago Fire' pilot available: Plus check out a behind the scenes look at the actors' trainingFrom the commercials, you might think that NBC’s “Chicago Fire” is a show about hot men doing hot manly man things while shooting each other intense man looks and asserting their manliness all over Chicago. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. At its heart, though, “Chicago Fire” is a genuine, very careful exploration of a dangerous profession, a deep, abiding brotherhood, and the way that people react to tragedy.

In order to train for the series, stars Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, and the rest of the cast went through training with the actual Chicago fire department. Not only did they learn how to properly use all of the equipment — and how to maneuver the extremely heavy, authentic gear that they have to wear while in their uniforms — but they learned about the sincere bond in the fire department.

Charlie Barnett and Teri Reeves introduce the package below, in which the team describes their training. “The first thing that Chief Chicaroda shows you when you walk into the fire house here is the wall of those that have fallen, and it immediately makes it real to you,” Reeves says in the clip.

Watch the whole thing below — and then be sure to check out the pilot episode, which is available already on

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie