childrens hospital ntsf crossover adult swim 'Children's Hospital' and 'NTSF:SD:SUV::': When will a crossover happen?

“Children’s Hospital” and “NTSF:SD:SUV::” are both Adult Swim live action shows with a similar mission: to spoof some of the most popular genres of television for the sake of a good laugh. With a third parody series on the way, Zap2it had one big question for the stars of both shows at a recent Adult Swim event: when will fans get to see them crossover?

“There is a crossover element in the show, which is we have a face off episode where we switch faces and ‘Children’s Hospital’ has a face off episode where they switch faces, and in between those two shows we have Karen [Gillan] and Erinn Hayes do a commercial for the machine that is used in both shows. So the machine is crossing over,” Paul Scheer says, noting that this confirms both shows are set in the same universe.

But the day of an actual crossover might not be far off. With “Children’s Hospital” soon ending its fifth season and “NTSF” coming to the close of its third, both shows have appropriately established themselves. “Children’s Hospital” executive producer, director, writer and occasional actor David Wain says he thinks the time is nigh for both series’ to come together.

“I think maybe next season might be the time because now both series have sort of established their identities,” he says. “It could happen. That would be fun.”

Scheer adds, “It’s never for lack of want. It’s like, we’ve got to figure out a cool way to do it that would be really fun and interesting. Also it always comes down to production too.”

At least both shows are in the right environment to have a crossover happen. Wain had nothing but wonderful things to say about working on Adult Swim.

“They’re an incredible place,” he says. “Basically all they do — and they have a very simple formula at Adult Swim — which is find people that they believe in and let them do their thing. You would think and hope that other networks would follow that formula, but only Adult Swim seems to have the guts.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz