tvfash213 Chilli from 'What Chilli Wants'

Many women have checklists for the ideal mate. Requirements often include dashing men with strong ideals, high-paying jobs and tender hearts.
Enough dates listening to unemployed guys drone on about video games while looking at beer guts bulging through dirty T-shirts can leave women relishing their solitude or woefully settling.
Rozonda Thomas, better known as Chilli of the singing group TLC and star of VH1’s reality show What Chilli Wants, however, has done neither.
She requires a nonsmoker who doesn’t eat pork and is well endowed. And that’s the edited version. The reality show, in which she’s searching for her ideal mate, features her in a white bikini and a tight, white jumpsuit. Chilli also knows precisely what clothes she wants.
“I’m not very glamour girl at all,” she says. “I can be when it is necessary but it’s not my favorite thing. I like a little bit of rock with casual gear.”
For Valentine’s Day, Chilli will dress for the occasion.
“It depends on where you are going,” she says. “If you are going to an upscale restaurant, then wear a nice sleek dress. My preference would be a longer fitted dress. Although petite, I am still shapely.
“I don’t like short dresses,” she continues. “I feel uncomfortable. It has to be the right sit. When a skirt or dress is too short, it’s on your mind and too much going on, and it’s distracting.”
Chilli has recently taken to jeggings and prefers 7, which she wears with BCBG tops. For casual days, she wears jogging suits, and her favorite is from Juicy Couture, which she wears with flip-flops or Adidas. Her shoes are from Michael Kors and Gucci, with her absolute favorite favorites from Guiseppe Zanotti.
Chilli searches for clothes small enough for her 5-foot-1-inch, 113-pound body. She shops in boutiques in Atlanta, including Fab’rik.
When Chilli glams up, she loves Valentino dresses.
“They fit really nice,” she says. “It is rare I can find a dress that I don’t have to get alterations.”
Her favorite article of clothing is a scarf.
“I don’t go out without my neck wrapped up,” says the singer.
Onstage, she dresses for comfort. After 20 years of singing with TLC, Chilli knows that super high heels don’t help her performance.
“All I need is a sequined bra and some cool pants with stones on them and cool shoes to dance my feet off,” Chilli says.
She also loves purses and has her own line, Bags by Chilli.
“You want something durable that will last and something that looks better with time,” she says.
Chilli’s basic take on fashion is, “Most times for me, less is best, and it’s even more a lot of times.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler