Sharonsto_steve_3471214_600More than 1,000 Chinese earthquake victims (and Manhattan attorney Ming Hai) have demanded that actress Sharon Stone put her money where her mouth is.

Fox News (via the New York Post) is reporting that they’re asking for a $1-billion payout from Sharon Stone.

The "Basic Instinct" star was served with legal papers announcing intention to sue her for harming Chinese people by suggesting the catastrophic quake in May was "karma" for the regime’s occupation of Tibet.

Yes, she really did say that. Open mouth, insert Manolo Blahnik.

"For the families who have lost their loved ones or lost limbs or suffered severe injuries, your … statement and act has caused extreme emotional distress," Ming wrote, citing the comments La Stone spouted at the Cannes Film Festival, where she — along with Madonna — helped raise barnloads of bucks for AIDS research at the annual AMfar charity dinner and auction during the festival.

In a public apology last month, Stone, 50, said she "could not be more regretful for that mistake."

But that wasn’t enough. French fashion house Christian Dior immediately dropped Stone from its Chinese ads. And the Shanghai International Film Festival sniffed that she was not welcome at this year’s event.

Plus PETA has offered to scan her brain to find her heart, although that’s got nothing to do with quake victims and everything to do with the fact that Sharon just loves to wear dead animals.

What do you think? Should Sharon Stone have to pay damages to quake victims? And is $1 billion enough?

It was an inexcusably thoughtless and ignorant thing to say.

But jeepers, what does a girl have to do to say she’s sorry these days?

Photo: La Stone, doing what she does best, besides raising money for worthy causes. Hey, maybe she should host a benefit for the China quake victims? It’s not such a dumb idea. Credit: Wire Image

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead