chloe bennet clark gregg instagram Chloe Bennet draws Mike Tyson's face tattoo on Clark Gregg and more of her awesome Instagrams

If the world has learned anything since the premiere of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” it’s just how much of a personality Chloe Bennet has. From detailing her almost-kiss with Stan Lee on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” to openly shipping her dream pair on the show (Skye/Simmons, for the record), Bennet always seems to have something entertaining to say.
It turns out she’s also well-versed in the world of Instagram. The actress posted a photo Monday (Jan. 27), showing a little artistic endeavor of hers: Drawing a pretty wicked version of Mike Tyson’s face tattoo on a picture of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Her real-life BFF Elizabeth Henstridge (the Simmons in “Skimmons”) got better treatment.
Below see that particular photo, along with some of Bennet’s best from Instagram, including a pretty epic Chewbacca coat. With Disney owning Lucasfilm, that thing should make a cameo on “Agents of SHIELD.”

Caption: “I did some doodling in the #agentsofshield offices.”

Caption: “Is it lame that I buy gummy avengers multivitamins? Also … When are they going to make shield ones?”

Caption: “I may have gone a bit overboard with their birthday cake.”

Caption: “Early morning dance party … of one.”

Caption: “Chewy is making my first day back at work more cozy. #agentsofshield”

Caption: “Shhh don’t tell Coulson.”

Caption: “Hard at work today. #comiccon”

Caption: “Just had a full conversation with someone in an elevator like this. Just to see how uncomfortable I could make them. #fridaynight”

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