chozen fx tca 'Chozen' wants to bring 'dangerous comedy' to FXFX’s newest animated series “Chozen” premiered to decent ratings Monday night (Jan. 13), holding onto most of its “Archer” lead-in and drawing 1.8 million viewers over its three airings.

It’s a pretty good start for a show that, in its own executive producer’s words, is a little bit “dangerous.”

“We like to try to figure out a way to take a subject or to take a person that usually an audience isn’t used to rooting for or following, and you just figure out a way to make them used to it,” executive producer Danny McBride (“Eastbound & Down”) says Tuesday at the TCA winter press tour. “[We] figure out a way to kind of push boundaries to maybe reveal new truths that people weren’t thinking before.”

“Chozen” stars Bobby Moynihan as the title character: A gay, white rapper who’s just out of prison and trying to launch his music career. It doesn’t go so well, forcing him to move into his sister’s college dorm room.

“We wanted to have a character in Chozen’s life, a family member or a friend that knew him from way back and could kind of call him on any of his BS,” creator Grant Dekernion says. “I figured a sister would be a good character for that.

“Then I just started thinking [of] the ages of him as a character and what his sister might be, and it seemed funny to me — you know, this is the last place you would expect an ex-con, to be sleeping in a dorm room in a liberal arts college. It just seemed like a fun place, and … there’s, like, an odd symmetry with it. He went into prison when he was around 18, and now he’s out. And so there’s a little bit of an arrested development with him as well.”

As for the potentially dangerous nature of the subject matter, rapper Method Man — who voices Phantasm — says that’s what drew him to the material in the first place.

“It’s making fun of hip hop. It’s making fun of gay people. It’s making fun of just the audacity of some of the artists that think they’re just above the law and above the world on these pedestals and nothing can touch them,” he says. “Why not? You gotta knock people off their horse every now and then, you know?”

“Chozen” airs at 10:30 p.m. ET Mondays on FX.

Posted by:Rick Porter