chris bosh nba finals game 6 gi Chris Bosh's NBA Finals Game 6 winning blocks in GIF form

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals was a thrilling display of basketball from both the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. As the final seconds of regulation play ticked away, many thought the Spurs had the game, and championship title, in the bag.
The Heat were able to tie the game though, sending it into overtime. That’s when Chris Bosh made two great stops, both while Miami was up. The first came while the team led by a point. As Spurs star Tony Parker took a shot, Bosh was able to get his hand in there, sending the ball off it’s desired course.
Next, with the Heat up by three, and the clock practically expired, the Spurs got the ball to Danny Green, who set the record for 3-pointers in the NBA Finals during during Game 5. As Green lined up his shot, which would have tied the game and sent them into another overtime period, Bosh jumped into action and put a stop to it, ensuring there would be a seventh game to end the series.
ESPN commentators said the block would have been ruled a foul earlier in the game, but it made sense not to call it on the deciding play.

With Bosh’s two blocks, the Heat live to fight again, as the series is tied at 3 games each. Game 7 happens Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. 
Check out the animated GIFs of Bosh’s two big moves below:

chris both nba finals block 1 Chris Bosh's NBA Finals Game 6 winning blocks in GIF form
chris both nba finals block 2 Chris Bosh's NBA Finals Game 6 winning blocks in GIF form
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