chris brown trayvon martin jay z jet Chris Brown compares himself to Trayvon Martin, blasts Jay Z forgiveness

The saying goes that time heals all wounds, but clearly not enough time has passed in the case of Chris Brown. The stain of his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna still hasn’t faded, though he clearly thinks that it’s time for people to move on from the story. After all, as he notes, the world overcame the fact that Jay Z did not start out in his career as the family man he is today.

“No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass,” Brown complains in the Oct. 14 issue of Jet Magazine. The incident he is referring to is Jay Z’s stabbing record executive Lance “Un” Rivera in 1999.

Of course, Brown isn’t taking into account that 13 years have passed since that incident took place, while it’s been less than half a decade since his very public domestic abuse case occurred. But he thinks that the ways he has changed should count for something in the public eye.

“You have to go through the struggle before you can get to the good part,” he explains. “I don’t try to lash out at people, or be as mad or impulsive as I used to be. I got to the point where it’s only so much you can take from the master, you feel me? I’ve taken my fair share of lashings.”

Brown goes as far as to compare himself to Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who died in February 2012 after being shot by George Zimmerman.

“I identify with Trayvon 100 percent as far as living in 2013 and still dealing with blatant racism,” Brown says. “This generation is so used to racism that it’s normal. We don’t care. We aren’t on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as n*.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz