chris brown explodes Chris Brown explodes at valet over a $5 extra charge   report

A video where Chris Brown explodes at a valet over a $10 charge has been making the rounds on the Internet, and it definitely doesn’t paint the troubled singer in a positive light. Brown reportedly was upset that he had to pay the $10 valet charge at PINZ bowling alley because he had only been at the charity event for 30 minutes.

According to TMZ‘s sources, though, Brown was actually upset because he was only supposed to be charged $5. Apparently everyone else at the event had to pay the $5 fee, but he felt the valet was trying to scam him because he was rich by charging him double the cost. Hence his response, “F*** ten dollars.”

“Chris says it’s not about the money … it’s the principle of the thing,” TMZ writes. The one missing fact about this story? We still don’t know whether Brown paid the money or not.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz