karrueche tran phone stolen naked photo speculation gi Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran loses phone, inspires nude photos speculation

Karrueche Tran, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Chris Brown, has lost her phone. Did that phone contain nude photos of Tran and/or Brown on them?

Who knows? These days, it doesn’t take too much to inspire speculation about nude photos of celebrities. There have been so many scandals on that front, it’s almost expected that every famous person carries around a few naked selfies just in case he or she needs the publicity.

Tran has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of dirty photos, but she was the one to announce the theft of her phone on Twitter:


Only the original message was not censored.

Possibly because of the strong language, Tran’s Twitter followers — and others who heard about the theft — immediately began to inquire about possible nude photos. None claimed to have seen such photos. And few even seemed to want to see them. People still had to ask.

A few examples of this:

“Them nudes about to leak?”

“I know there’s nudes in it judging by your anger.”

“hmmm hope u didn’t have any nudes…….”

“More CB nudes pls.”

Amusingly, there is also speculation about whether or not Brown and Tran are even together at this point. Rumors of a break-up are out there, but a photo posted by Brown’s friend, Kid Red, indicates that they are. Posted on Sunday (June 9), the photo’s caption reads:

“No friendship without love!”

karrueche tran chris brown kid red instagram Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran loses phone, inspires nude photos speculationThat seems like a good sign for the couple, doesn’t it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown