chris brown grammys gi Chris Brown is alive and not very happy with his Grammy criticsChris Brown — or whoever was handling his Twitter account late Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 14) — has a message for those critical of his Grammy Awards appearance.

It goes like this: “Hate all U want becuz I got a Grammy now! That’s the ultimate F*** OFF!”

Brown (or his designated tweeter) sent that message out Tuesday, then deleted it a while later. Mashable preserved the missive, however.

The middle finger-raising tweet was part of a series in which he also wrote, according to RadarOnline, “Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning). But yet we glorify them and imitate everything they do. Then right before the worlds eyes a man shows how he can make a Big mistake and learn from it, but still has to deal with day to day hatred! You guys love to hate!!! But guess what???”

A source tells Radar that Brown didn’t actually write the tweets himself and had them taken down after he saw them.

Separately, the phrase “RIP Chris Brown” was a trending topic on Twitter early Wednesday. He’s not dead, and some of the people riding the trend said the “RIP” stood for “Really Inspiring Person.” So, yeah. 

Posted by:Rick Porter