chris brown sells puppies stage Chris Brown is selling    puppies?Chris Brown‘s mom and manager Joyce Hawkins just tweeted that her son is selling puppies. She says, “CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE. GO TO ” Yes, because that’s what you think of when you think of Chris Brown. Fuzzy little puppies for sale.

The pups for sale on his website are American Pit Bull Terriers and are just the cutest things on the planet. They’re selling for $1000 each and you can purchase them online with any number of credit cards. They’ve got names like Princess, Freedom and Precious.

Okay, Chris. Are we not making enough money? Will cute little puppies improve our image? Ahem. He seems to be taking this seriously. The site says that the dogs have a four generation performance pedigree. The site, CBBreeds has a picture of each of the dogs and one of Chris holding one. Aw. Check out one of the furry guys below.

chris brown selling puppies Chris Brown is selling    puppies?

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