chris brown shirtless amas Chris Brown loses his shirt during American Music Awards 2012 performance

Who needs shirts when you’re performing at the American Music Awards? Chris Brown certainly doesn’t, that’s for sure.

The singer and AMAs nominee took to the stage with Ludacris and Swizz Beatz for a frenetic performance during tonight’s awards show, but the music was overshadowed by Brown’s insistence at removing the majority of his clothing. Though he came out on stage fully covered, Brown somehow managed to lose the shirt and keep on his jacket about half way through the performance. If that wasn’t enough, he took his shirt off entirely by the time the song was over. Hey, look how many tattoos he has!

While responses to Brown’s striptease were mixed, Eden Sher redeemed herself for her Taylor Swift meltdown earlier in the night by tweeting, “conflicted cuz rly wanted to give luda the respect he deserves but just wanted to sit and boo 4 chris brown. leave chris brown. please.” His little performance certainly gave a new meaning to “dress to impress.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz