Will Chris Brown even be charged?

That’s the question entertainment news watchers are wondering as E! News reported that the R&B star’s attorneys are in talks with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office about a possible plea deal.

Suprise_face Pardon us while we put our surprise face. Actually McCauley Culkin’s works better.

The feeling is that Brown may wind up with probation — not jail time — for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna on Feb. 8.

Although the D.A. just got the case today from the LAPD, Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos began powwowing with prosecutors earlier this week.

"Geragos was downtown meeting with the D.A. on Monday," a legal source says. Lawyers are doing a deal that would keep Brown free if he pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, according to E! News.

A source close to the investigation tells E! News that, after asking the Los Angeles Police Department for more evidence, the D.A.’s case for felony domestic abuse, criminal threats and battery is looking a little light.

And after all, the victim is now back in the arms of her alleged attacker.

Rihanna and Brown reunited and it feels so good in Miami last week at Sean Combs’ multimillion-dollar Miami mansion. Word is that Rihanna got a lot of expensive gifts, and the couple flew back to Los Angeles on Sunday night on a private jet and checked into a swanky Beverly Hills hotel.

It’s business as usual, folks

TMZ has just reported that the L.A. County District Attorney has received the Chris Brown case and is reviewing it.

TMZ’s sources say the D.A. will review the criminal threats and felony domestic battery allegations.

Brown is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. And we can’t wait to see if Rihanna makes a big show of support and turns up with him.

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Photo: Word is Rihanna got a lot of expensive gifts and the couple flew back to Los Angeles Sunday night on a private jet. (WireImage, 20th Century Fox )

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