chris brown hearing gi Chris Brown on 'GMA': Zap2it readers respondAfter reports surfaced of Chris Brown‘s alleged violent outburst following Tuesday’s (Mar. 22) “Good Morning America” appearance, haters and supporters alike have flooded the Zap2it comments section with their thoughts on the whole situation.

During an interview with Robin Roberts, Brown became upset when she tried three times to ask him about his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

On air, the singer tried to deflect questions to focus on his music rather than personal matters. Immediately following his performance of “Yeah 3x,” Brown reportedly smashed a dressing room window and went on a shirtless tirade of sorts. He later tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past s*** up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bulls***.”

Reps for ABC News claim that Roberts cleared her questions with Brown before the live interview, so what gives? We asked readers what you thought about the situation and have gotten responses across the board.

[Note: All comments sic, some comments have been shortened]

Jason says, “Dude, you nearly killed a woman. That’s what you’re known for now… nothing else. Get used to it. This is what we call ‘consequences of your actions.’ … And no, people are not “glorifying” Sheen… we’re sick of him and his egomaniacal schtick, just like we’re sick of you.”

Donna says, “people make mistakes… America needs to move on. Rihanna apparently has.. and he’s right about charlie sheen.”

Al says, “Best way to show the world you’re over all that violent stuff from the past is to explode in a fit of rage on Good Morning America.”

JBird says, “She’s an interviewer, that’s how it works. The second people don’t call musicians celebrities then he can simply talk about the music… Even if celebrities could make it ‘about the music’ does our reading US WEEKLY and TMZ really give them that choice?” Adding, “I also think the question could’ve been answered in an honest way. We’re all thinking it. We all know what happened. Take the opportunity to talk about how you’ve grown, Chris? You claim you have, prove it.”

Kiki says, “We’ve moved on Robin! You should allow him to move on to especially with the Charlie Sheen thing going on. Chris has served his time — Leave him alone!!!”

LaRouxGirl says, “‘Upset’ gets more ink, and controversy drags the story out across a week as opposed to a day. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m thinking he’ll do anything for expanded publicity, ’cause his music isn’t doing it for him.”

How about the rest of you, readers? Are you Team Brown or Team Roberts? By the way, we kind of think all the Sheen talk is only partially relevant — We’re more concerned with Brown’s refusal to answer the questions and his subsequent meltdown.

Whether the public needs to let the past go or not, breaking a window is totally out of line under any circumstance. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci