Chris Brown‘s new single and music video “Fine China” is all about treating a woman right, and he promises to do that in real life too in a new interview with “Today.”

“For me, you know, I’ve been humbled by the whole experience,” he tells Matt Lauer. “From me losing everything, you know, to me having to regain public opinion or whatever it is — but most importantly, you know, knowing that what I did was totally wrong and having to kind of deal with myself and kind of forgive myself in the same breath and being able to apologize to, you know, Rihanna and be that man that can be a man, you know?”

Brown says spending 52 weeks in domestic violence counseling has taught him “why did I do what I did?” “Knowing that what I did was wrong, and never doing it again,” he says. “So as far as me and [Rihanna] are concerned, she knows my heart, and I know her heart. So I’m not really focused on the negative.”

“You understand that if you behave badly again, you’re going to damage not only your relationship, but her reputation as well,” Lauer tells him. “Absolutely,” Brown responds. “That’s why I’m moving forward, positive.”

In terms of Brown’s new cinematic music video, “Fine China” channels a very Michael Jackson vibe. If it’s Brown’s tribute to the King of Pop, then it’s a great one, and is helped by its cinematic feel. “Fine China” is the first single off of Brown’s new album “X,” which is due out in summer 2013. Brown co-directed the video with Sylvian White.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz