tony parker gi Chris Brown vs Drake fight sparks Tony Parker lawsuitPro basketball player Tony Parker was caught in the crossfire of Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing brawl at W.i.P. nightclub on June 14, and now he’s suing the club for $20 million.

Parker alleges the club’s owners were negligent in allowing Brown and Drake to party together, considering they both have romantic history with Rihanna, the NY Post reports. David Jaroslawicz, Parker’s lawyer, alleges in the papers that “The defendants [the club owners] were reckless, careless and negligent in permitting
Drake’s entourage and Brown’s entourage to be in the club at the same
time despite known tension between the two.”

Interestingly, neither Brown nor Drake are named in the suit.

W.i.P. was shut down on June 16 due to numerous code violations, and the manager was arrested on outstanding warrants related to noise violations.

The glass shrapnel from the fight gave Parker a “corneal laceration of the left eye and other injuries,” although the full scope of the injury is not yet known.

“She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble,” Jaroslawicz says of Rihanna.

Parker is wearing a “therapeutic” contact lens and will hopefully be recovered in time to compete for France at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Posted by:Jean Bentley