chris brown x country album gi Chris Brown wants to do a country album, isn't into musical 'segregation'

Chris Brown called into Charlotte, N.C. radio station Power 98 to promote his forthcoming album “X” and his plans to unite the world through music. Most interesting, however, is the “Turn Up the Music” singer’s plans to cross genres.
“When you put genres on music, you segregate it,” Brown says. “I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older I might want to do a country album. Next year, I might want to just do all hip-hop album or alternative album.” 
Brown says he considers whether or not Michael jackson would like something, every time he decides what to do with his music. 
Chris says he wants to make songs that the whole world will like. “Just making sure that anything that goes down, showing my audience or showing people that have a creative mind that you can do anything you want,” he explains. “It’s just about believing, and loving what you’re doing in a positive way.”

You hear that, folks? Chris Brown: Mr. Positivity.
Brown says he raps on a couple of songs on “X,” but isn’t sure “if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper.” Indeed.

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