chrisbrown bowtie larryking 290 Chris Brown's bowtie creates a stir on Larry King, TwitterChris Brown‘s appearance and fashion sense on “Larry King Live” Wednesday night was the talk of the town — or at least the Twitterverse.

Numerous viewers tuned in to CNN and then took to Twitter to share their thoughts, which ranged from contemptuous and outraged to forgiving and mocking.

Throughout the interview, Brown expressed regret for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in early February and how he wanted to move forward.

“I’m willing to get counseling. I’m willing to learn myself more,” he told King. “I’m willing to learn how to control emotions and learn different things.”

And despite admitting that he still loved Rihanna, he seemed to be okay with the thought of her moving on with her life and dating other people.

“At the end of the day, we’re not together. If she’s happy, then that’s cool,” he said.

As for his own dating life, Brown only commented, “I’m focusing on my career. The only girl I love is all my fans … Who knows? I’d never say I’m not going to date.”

Many of the comments about Brown’s interview on Twitter were negative, claiming that he avoided answering questions directly and blamed his actions on ignorance about being in a relationship. Other commenters were more understanding, choosing to accept his humbled position and desire to work on himself.

The bowtie

Still more Twitter commenters, however, were transfixed with Brown’s choice of baby blue bowtie and matching sweater. A sampling of tweets:

 – “Chris Brown lost more fans for wearin this outfit than he did for hitting Rhianna~~~ HATER”
 – “Who else wants to reach into the tv and yank that bow-tie off of chris brown?”
 – “Is the bow tie chris brown has on his stylist attempt to make him look innocent or just payback for what he did to rihanna.”
 – “Why the f*** is Chris brown wearin a bowtie I feel like he gonna convert to Islam any minute and start sellin bean pie”
 – “Chris Brown thought that dressing like a black howdie doodie [sic] on this interview was gonna get him off….lmfaooooooooooooo”

In fact, immediately after the interview, one ambitious Twitter user created a new account, chrsbrwnsbowtie, complete with tweets from the bowtie itself, which is black on its Twitter page.

“you ask why im black on twitter and blue on tv? i belong to chris brown…do the math…smh,” explains the bowtie in a post.

A mere two hours after chrsbrwnsbowtie’s first post, it had 650 followers.

UPDATE: #chrisbrownsbowtie has been one of the top trending topics on Twitter for more than 12 hours after Brown’s interview ended.

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