chris brown 320 getty Chris Brown's 'Dancing with the Stars' performance: Welcome to TRONOnce again, Chris Brown proves that if nothing else, he can definitely dance. His pre-taped “Dancing With the Stars” performance on Tuesday night showed off his impressive moves – so impressive that we could almost forgive the likely lip-synced vocals. (We’re trying to take the high road and not mention the host of things we won’t forgive. We’re not succeeding too well.)

The “Yeah 3X” performance gave us a taste of the kind of innovative choreography that put Brown on the map in the first place – especially with his backflip. His performance of “Forever” and “Beautiful” reminded us a whole lot of the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl halftime show, which is to say he basically did the TRON thing, with backup dancers outfitted in electric suits that allegedly caused some problems the first few times the performance was shot.

Despite having to do everything over again several times to get it right, Brown remained in good spirits – we haven’t heard any complaints about backstage behavior, so we’re sure it went a long way toward getting him back into ABC’s good graces.

That said, we’d rather have watched Psycho Mike dance one last time. We’ll miss you, Psycho Mike.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie