barack obama bruce springsteen gi Chris Christie and Bruce Springsteen: Barack Obama reunites Jersey boys

New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, wept tears of joy when he got a hug from Bruce Springsteen.
The web site says the Springsteen super fan announced at a press conference, “We hugged. He told me, ‘It’s official. We’re friends.'” 
Christie got to speak with The Boss during NBC’s telethon for Hurricane Sandy victims. Springsteen praised Christie’s handling of the natural disaster and gave him a tear-inducing hug. “And I’ll treasure it forever,” says Christie. 
Barack Obama, who brought Springsteen along on the final day of his reelection campaign, had another surprise for Christie during their daily post-Sandy phone call. When the governor told the president Bruce’s hug had brought him to tears, he put the sappy pair on the phone together.
“Bruce said to me how proud he was of his state, and how proud he was of the people in this state and how tough they are,” Christie says. “We had a good conversation today and it was great to talk to the president, and even better to talk to Bruce.”
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