chris colfer land of stories movie Chris Colfer turning his 'Land of Stories' books into movies?“Glee” star, screenwriter and New York Times bestselling author Chris Colfer doesn’t have time for sleep — he’s too busy adding new projects to his plate. The actor says now that “Glee” is winding down, he’s considering turning his “The Land of Stories” book series into a movie.

“I’m starting to have those film conversations,” he tells Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood Live” Wednesday (July 30). “I’m a little more open-minded to it.”

That’s a 180 from his original stance. “When I first started the series, I was completely against doing a movie and how movies are seen as conclusions to book series. I think they should be continuations,” he says. “I was completely against it. I always said I would rather it be a good book that a hundred people read than an awful movie that a thousand people see.”

But since the book’s fans have been vocal about wanting to see a movie, Colfer says he’s starting to change his mind. “The readers want to see the world alive so much. Who am I to deny that?”

Posted by:Jean Bentley