chris colfer glee 320 Chris Colfer, Nathan Fillion, Misha Collins: TV tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and crazy television tweets of the past 24 hours…

Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here
too… not often though)

Don’t worry, Chris Colfer, we liked what you were doin’ at the “Glee” bash last night: @chriscolfer: Headed to the Glee
Back-9 Premiere Party!!! I really hope I left my “just saved $150
dollars on my car Insurance” smile at home.

Nathan Fillion‘s day job on “Castle” is clearly getting in his head: @NathanFillion:
Going to Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Maybe murder is in
store, maybe just guesting. Haven’t decided yet. Thoughts?

“Supernatural” star Misha Collins has an issue with one of
his minions’ comments and the fun starts there: @mishacollins:
woah, woah, dial
it back @shazcollier
. Your comment

about me is way off base! “not self absorbed?” WTFRU talking about? I’m

meg �a �lo �ma �ni �a
n.1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional
fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.

eh, that
definition doesn’t quite fit me-I’m not occupied with “delusional
fantasies of wealth, power, etc.” they’re more like action plans

At 50,000 strong, the world can ignore us no longer! We now outnumber
the residents of of Muskogee, Oklahoma!

“The Big Bang Theory” executive producer Bill Prady live-tweeted Monday’s episode. A few of the highlights: @billprady: .@wilw
‘s shirt says
“crush all humans.” Wil picked his own t-shirts for the episode.

@billprady: RT @iyakame: @billprady did penny just break up with Leonard? :0( //for
now — Bill

@billprady: RT @sparklystuff: @billprady Any chance of
getting Leonard Nimoy on the show? Please? //we’re talking to him –bp

“House” writer Sara Hess has a plan: @SaraHess: Back in the
writers’ room for the first meeting of Season Seven. This is the year I
sell the “House goes to Hawaii” episode FO SHO.

Dianna Agron shares a Lady Gaga-inspired “Glee” picture: @alittlelamb:
Last day of Gaga.
Jenna half dressed and baby Stella.

Is there a killer TV tweet from today that
we missed?

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