chris hardwick nerdist winter tca 2013 gi Chris Hardwick's 'Nerdist' TV series will celebrate nerd cultureAfter a series of well-received specials, BBC America is turning Chris Hardwick’s podcast “The Nerdist” into a full-time series to premiere in the spring on the network’s Supernatural Saturday line-up.

“When you think about ‘The Nerdist’ idea, it’s where nerd culture and comedy intersect,” Hardwick explains at the 2013 Winter TCA Press Tour. “Anything in the shaded region of that Venn diagram is kind of what the show will be about.”

BBC America has ordered 10 hour long episodes, and Hardwick promises a mix of interviews, taped comedy bits, stand-up performances and plenty of nerd-friendly surprises.

“I really want this weekly show to feel like, you’ve watched ‘Doctor Who,’ you’ve watched ‘Orphan Black,’ we’re gonna pick you up and gently cuddle you into your bed,” Hardwick says. “We’re like a Snuggie for your brain. A nice sci-fi hang-out session at the end of your night.”

Hardwick — who will also continue his duties as host of AMC’s “Talking Dead” when “The Walking Dead” returns in February — says he’s still surprised by how far Nerdist has come. He started the podcast as a “survival mechanism” during his time as a frustrated stand-up comic.

“I didn’t start the podcast or the website or anything like ‘Now to create an industry!,'” he explains. “I was feeling suffocated in the industry. You could never have pitched nerd culture shows 10 or 15 years ago, they would’ve laughed in your face and wedgied you. Now we realize there’s so much power in nerd culture. Video games out-gross films. There’s ‘Doctor Who’ shirts in Hot Topic. The fact that my mom knows what 4G is is crazy. There’s so much power in nerd culture. We sort of figured that out. It took a long time for the industry to catch up to that.”

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