chris hemsworth thor the dark world jimmy kimmel live gi Chris Hemsworth: Dieting, damaged hands and Thor on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Even when he’s not dressed like Thor, Chris Hemsworth is an impressive man. The Australian actor appeared on Monday’s (Nov. 4) “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about “Thor: The Dark World,” his crash diet and how he dislocated a finger.

Also Hemsworth managed to beat three challengers to ring a strongman bell. But one of them was Jimmy Kimmel, so it’s not that big an accomplishment.

On the other hand, Hemsworth might not be so tough. The actor displayed a visibly swollen hand during the interview, the product of some jiu jitsu gone wrong. Hemsworth hasn’t even been to a doctor. Instead, “My friend grabbed it and put it back in,” the actor said.

Hemsworth has even run into a lack of respect from his adoring public. The “Thor” actor described an incident when he was spotted by a small, Thor-clad boy in the airport. The kid wasn’t impressed. “Without the wig and the outfit, I’m nothing,” Hemsworth explained.

Audiences didn’t see quite the muscular specimen of godliness that Thor usually brings. Hemsworth is currently working on a Ron Howard movie in which he plays a sailor lost at sea and starving to death. The actor’s diet is down to about 500 calories per day — with only the occasional cheat of a pizza.

But Hemsworth is still strong. When put up against Jimmy Kimmel and two “superheroes” from Hollywood Boulevard. Only Thor was able to ring the bell in the “Hammer of Thor” game.

He’s still a hero then.

Posted by:Laurel Brown