chris klein american reunion dvd Chris Klein on 'American Reunion,' 'Dancing With the Stars' and another 'American Pie' sequelIt’s weird to describe a movie where someone relieves himself in a cooler as “sweet,” but that’s exactly how “American Reunion,” the fourth theatrically released film in the “American Pie” franchise, comes off. It certainly helps that all the original stars — Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein and more — returned for the sequel.

But still — Klein tells Zap2it that “Reunion,” out now on DVD and Blu-ray, has a lot more heart than the direct-to-DVD sequels that have hit store shelves over the past few years.

“We sort of abandoned the whole series of gross-out comedies. We replaced it with some really terrific storylines for all of the characters within the ensemble,” Klein says. “That’s something that the franchise got away from a little bit, pushing hard for bigger laughs.”

He continues: “To come back to the tone that made the very first ‘American Pie’ incredibly special was such a terrific thing to work out and be a part of, because without that heart and without, for lack of a better word, sentimentality that existed in that first ‘American Pie,’ I don’t think that we have something that stands the test of time the way that first ‘American Pie’ did.”

While the East Great Falls graduates we know and love went back home for their sort-of ten-year high school reunion, it was also a reunion of sorts for the actors. Klein says reuniting with Mena Suvari, his love interest from the very first “American Pie,” made such an impression on him as an actor.

“Two scenes in particular in the very first ‘American Pie’ — the scene with Mena and I in the sandwich shop and then when Heather and Oz are walking at the wake and Oz is trying to tell Heather his feelings for her — those are two of my very favorite scenes I did as a young actor. To go back and explore that relationship with an actress as talented as Mena was very special.”

More than a decade after graduating high school, Klein’s Oz has become famous for being a sportscaster and participating on a “Dancing With the Stars”-type reality show. As entertaining as that would be to watch, Klein says he’d never do that in real life.

“Personally, let me say that what I learned from dancing for ‘American Reunion’ is that hip-hop dancing is a young man’s game. You do need to be incredibly fleet of foot. There’s no reason for a 33-year old-man who’s 6’1” tall and 205 lbs. to be attempting to pop and lock. There’s just no reason for any of that, and thank goodness I’m in a comedy. Otherwise, I feel I’d be setting myself up for incredible amounts of mockery.”

Aside from the copious DVD extras, which Klein promises will be worth your money, will there be any more “American Pie” to look forward to in the future?

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he says. “I certainly don’t think ‘American Reunion’ is a swan song. I think it’s more of a celebration of the very first film. Whether Universal decides to keep making movies underneath the ‘American Pie’ franchise banner, that’s up to them. If they decide to make more straight-to-DVD movies, or if they decide to use the original cast in the theatrical versions, I still require an invitation. Hopefully if they do decide to make one of these movies, then I hope to get invited because they always get some of the most talented writers and directors in comedy to make these movies. We’ll see where it goes. Time will tell.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley