Chris Martin and his band Coldplay could get served at the Grammys.


But with legal papers. Not snackies and beverages.

USA Today reports that the rock group will be targeted at Sunday’s Grammys by process servers, according to Roger Friedman’s Fox 411.

Apparently, guitarist Joe Satriani filed a suit in December 2008 asserting that Coldplay’s big hit "Viva La Vida" sounds eerily like his 2004 instrumental "I Just Wanna Fly."

Satriani’s lawyer plans to litter the Grammy Awards with process servers to give the band members a plagiarism lawsuit.

Hey, do they have to serve all of them, or just one, one wonders …

Word is the band has dodged the papers in England.

Just for your edification, I’ve supplied snippets of both songs. What do you think?

Too similar to be just a coincidence? Or not?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead