Chris Meloni didn’t take long after leaving “Law & Order: SVU” to find his next TV project. Ladies and gentlemen, meet “The Vigilogna.”

So, OK, maybe it’s not going to get past the first episode, but his bit on “The Daily Show” Thursday (Sept. 29) was pretty funny. As Jon Stewart explains in the run-up to Meloni’s appearance, it’s inspired by the NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who allegedly pepper-sprayed five women — seemingly without provocation — during the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests.

“Anthony Bologna?” Stewart asks, eyebrow raised higher than usual. “You and I both know that guy’s name is Tony Baloney.”

The pepper-spraying cop thus inspires “The Vigilogna,” starring Christopher Melogna. And also? It strengthens our conviction that whenever Meloni does decide to return to television, he should do a comedy. 

Posted by:Rick Porter