Christian-bale "Terminator: Salvation: star Christian Bale talks about his onset rant against disruptive DP Shane Hurlbut last year in Esquire UK's June issue


not excusable what I did. I went way overboard," adding that Shane took it like a man.

"The person on the receiving end is a grown man. Believe me, he

really wasn’t fazed by it.”

But Bale adds, "It should never have been recorded. It was

recorded for jollies. But I’m not trying to cover up. So there’s not

embarrassment in that I wanted to keep it hidden. I’d done it in front

of a whole lot of people. I take full responsibility for it. I’ve never

said anything different. I’m not blaming it on anything. I took it a

bit too far.”

Yeah, like 4 minutes and 40 F-words too far?

That's something that some more polite action movie actors — like oh, say 'Wolverine' Hugh Jackman — would never do.

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