Christian-Siriano-having-a-moment-bravo.jpgIf you ever wondered what life was like after winning “Project Runway,” it apparently looks pretty much the same – at least for Season 4 winner Christian Siriano.

In “Christian Siriano: Having a Moment,” the designer takes us through the prep for New York Fashion Week complete with last minute challenges, celebrity fittings and, yes, Tim Gunn was there, too. Besides the fact that it aired on Bravo (meow), it felt like watching another episode of the reality show competition.

Nevertheless, Siriano has the kind of personality that makes him totally watchable and he indeed delivered several moments of beeotchiness that made our night.

Here are our top 10 moments had with Christian Siriano:

1.) Ryan Seacrest? Take a message: Within the first five minutes, Siriano dissed a phone call from “someone from Ryan Seacrest.” That made us chuckle. The “American Idol” host and crowned ruler of E! can leave a message.

2.) PETA can be so sensitive: Siriano unveiled his new line of shoes that had curved heels inspired by an antler or a horn. According to the designer, he wanted to use real horns, but someone told him that PETA might say, “you killed dinosaurs or something!” Nit picky, if you ask us.

3.) Envy doesn’t look good on you: Siriano’s boyfriend, DJ Brad Walsh said that when he first met Siriano, he was just a contestant on a reality show and Brad was the one “that was hot s**t.” Oh, Brad, green is not your color.

4.) Tori Spelling’s boobs bomb: Siriano was fitting Tori Spelling for a dress and it just wasn’t doing her chest any favors. Siriano is right. Tori, you’re “skinny and have torpedo boobs.” We’re not even sure what torpedo boobs are, but it made us spit out some mojito.

5.) Sorry, SJP, way too busy for you! Kisses: Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna put in a last-minute request for dresses, but Siriano didn’t have time to make them something. So, they’re just going to need to pull something off the rack. OK?

6.) Attention, I’m your mom: Siriano’s mom came by the showroom and from Siriano’s own admission, she requires a lot of attention. Oh, there’s mom pulling at dresses. Oh, yes mom, you can come back by yourself. Bye, mom. Mom’s back. She needs another kiss goodbye. Oy, we’re exhausted.

7.) Tranni Klum: Siriano was doing press and holding a Barbie with a short sparkly dress on, so he dubbed it Tranni Klum. We can see it.

8.) That’s backwards. Too late now: Siriano doesn’t hire a lot of help backstage at fashion shows, but the boy definitely needs it. He was like an energizer bunny – hair, makeup, steaming dresses, changing the seating order and doing media interviews. Something was bound to fall between the cracks. Um, like a model who had her top on backwards. Oh, well. He sent her down the runway like that!

9.) 45 words to be exact: After the show, Siriano went through all the reviews. They were generally very good, but he was particularly proud of the one he received in Women’s Wear Daily. It was “small, 45 words to be exact.” You count those precious WWD words, Christian.

10.) Emmys and his boo: Loved watching Siriano and Walsh watch the Emmys together. It was just the two of them (and a Bravo camera crew, but otherwise an intimate moment). “30 Rock’s” Kristina Bowden wore a Siriano dress to the awards show and she looked fab. No torpedo boobs to speak of.

Did you have a moment with Christian Siriano?

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