christina aguilera michael jackson tribute Christina Aguilera runs up $8000 bar tab in Wales

If you add up our bar tabs from the past five years or so, it may hit $8000 dollars. Hey, we had a rough five years. But Christina Aguilera? No big deal, but she hits that in a night.

According to reports, Aguilera and her cronies ran up an $8000 bar tab this weekend in Wales after performing in the Michael Jackson Forever concert. Aguilera, her entourage, her bodyguards and presumably a gaggle of hanger-ons (22 in total) were staying at the St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff. Reports of the hefty bar tab come after similar reports that Aguilera spent roughly $9000 reserving train seats for her crew for the England to Wales ride. Prior to the ride, Aguilera was permitted into the special lounge station which is normally reserved for the royal family. Not a bad pedigree.

Moral of the story? Aguilera and co. travel in style. Expensive style. And it’s very unfortunate for the servers at that bar that in England and Wales, tipping is not customary.  That would have been a sweet 15 percent. 

Posted by:janderson