aguilera rutler super bowl Christina Aguilera to honor Aretha Franklin at the Grammys following Super Bowl fumbleAfter the Star Spangled slip-up heard round the world, Christina Aguilera‘s next stop will reportedly be the Grammys.

Aguilera is expected to open the awards ceremony alongside Jennifer Hudson and a few other mystery performers. It will be the pop-star’s first live performance following her Super Bowl fumble. Hopefully the “Burlesque” star will be able to redeem herself.

The opening number will reportedly pay tribute to the one and only Aretha Franklin, according to Wayne’s World. And yes, you read that correctly — WW is a digital music and record industries blog.

Wayne’s World also suggests that the queen of soul herself may make an appearance in order to downplay whatever mystery non-Pancreatic-cancer illness she is recovering from.

While it would be amazing to see Franklin up on stage showing these young divas how it’s done, we’re not convinced she’ll actually be there. We can hope, though.

As for Aguilera, do you think the pressure will cause her to crack again? Or will she be able to pull herself together and deliver a real Grammy worthy performance? 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci