christina aguilera pink afro wig hair Christina Aguilera's pink afro on 'The Voice': Fun and daring or unattractive?Christina Aguilera‘s fashion choices on “The Voice” are often more interesting than her choices in the actual competition, and this week was no exception. Aguilera tucked her usual long, multi-colored hair underneath a cotton candy pink afro wig for the Nov. 13 broadcast, during which she debuted her new single, “Make the World Move.”

Her look, complete with a fan, high boots, and a cleavage-baring dress, seemed to be inspired by Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette,” but some feel it missed the mark. For her part, Aguilera doesn’t care what anyone thinks — except for her son, Max.

“As soon as the wig comes off and I go home, I’m putting sweats on and I
get in mommy mode or I go back into artist mode after the show,”
Aguilera tells Us. “I have so many things going [on that] I don’t have time
to really look at what people are saying or doing.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie