christina cuenca comp Christina Cuenca: The Windows 7 lingerie girl you can't ignoreChristina Cuenca may not have snagged the title of Miss USA, but she’s gotten America’s attention by being ignored.

The former Miss Louisiana beauty queen appears in the Windows 7 “Really?” commercial clad in black lingerie, but she can’t seem to get her husband/lover’s attention since he’s focused on his obviously slow web browsing smart phone.

Okay, the commercial’s supposed to be witty and filled with improbable things, but can any red-blooded, straight American male really dismiss Cuenca dressed in slinky clothes, ready to get amorous? Maybe if there was a sandwich nearby …

]]>“Entourage”? Here’s her claim to fame. Windows 7 doesn’t want us to miss out on life, like a little nookie with our honey, so that’s the whole point of their upgraded technology and ad:
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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen