christina-hendricks-red-carpet-mad-men-birthday-picturesChristina Hendricks, who plays the formidable Joan Harris on AMC’s “Mad Men,” celebrates her 37th birthday on Thursday (May 3) and in her honor we put together this list of five things we love about Hendricks that have nothing to do with “Mad Men” or her inclusion on People’s 2012 Most Beautiful Women list.

1. Her character in “Drive” — Blanche is the anti-Joan Harris: A trashy mess who steals for a living, she totally rocked out the role and held her own on screen with Ryan Gosling.

2. She’s married to “Body of Proof” actor Geoffrey Arend, who we totally heart.

3. She co-stars with “Glee’s” Chris Colfer in the upcoming “Struck by Lightning” (which was written by Colfer, too):

4. “Firefly!” She played a con artist named Saffron (and also Yolanda and Bridget). She gets “married” to Captain Mal (Nathan Fillion) without his knowledge and drugs him with poison lipstick. Nice!

5. No one rocks a red carpet like Christina (see above). Okay, so maybe this is slightly related to being one of the most beautiful women in the world, but hey — fashion sense counts for something, too.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson