Christina Milian is making a new movie. And you’ll never guess who she gets to lip-lock with.

Mr. Shirtless himself!

"It’s called ‘The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ with Matthew McConaughey, and I get to kiss him!" a clearly jazzed Christina told the Dish Rag. "I’m very excited. Let’s just say that’s one of the reasons why I LOVE my job!"

"Girlfriends" also stars Jennifer Garner, Emma Stone, Lacey Chabert and Michael Douglas. McConaughey plays a bachelor who is — you guessed it — haunted by old girlfriends at his brother’s  wedding party. Gosh, how do they come up with these clever ideas?

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: Ben Affleck was originally attached to play McConaughey’s role. Production was set for Fall 2003. But budgetary concerns and the absymmal failure of "Gigli" (costarring Ben’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez!) caused the film’s cancellation one month before shooting. 

So why is Ben not costarring in the film now with his wife, Jennifer Garner?

Maybe because he’s older and wiser now?

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Reporting: Sal Morgan


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead