christmas dvr catchup 320 Christmas TV catchup: What are you clearing off your DVR?We’re not about to complain about a job that pays us to watch and talk about TV. But the fact is that sometimes the TV we have to watch overtakes the TV we watch just for fun.

So for us, one of the extra gifts of the holidays is the scarcity of new TV. It gives us a little time to catch up on the shows that have fallen victim to the time crunch of the fall season (in addition to giving us some time to start in on midseason shows). Some of what we’ll be catching up on — either on the DVR, on demand or online — is below. Let us know which backlogs you plan on clearing in the comments.

“Boardwalk Empire”: We’re about halfway through the season of HBO’s great new drama — and totally hooked. But circumstances conspired against watching several episodes in the back half of the show’s run; this is probably No. 1 in the queue for after Christmas.

“Supernatural”: For some reason, “Supernatural” has always been a show that piles up on the DVR and then gets cleared out in a couple of marathon sessions. The show’s move to Fridays has only exacerbated that problem, leaving a bigger backlog than usual at this time of year.

“Detroit 1-8-7”: In a lean year for quality new series, “Detroit 1-8-7” has emerged as one of the better shows the broadcast networks have to offer. Unfortunately, that hasn’t kept it from stacking up on the DVR. We plan to rectify that somewhat before the year is out.

“The Big Bang Theory”: This will be the easiest bit of catchup — only a handful of episodes missed here and there. Within a couple of hours, we’ll be all square with Sheldon, Leonard and Co.

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“Chuck”: While Rick Porter covers “Chuck” for us every week, it has fallen by the wayside for others. I have this entire season so far to catch up on.

“Sons of Anarchy”: Having just come into the show recently via DVD, I will spend the holiday hiatus downloading Season 3.

“Glee”: I’m a tad ashamed to admit it (because I really like “Glee”), but I haven’t watched an episode since “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.” I moved and ended up at a temporary living situation that has too many things taping in that timeslot. Sorry, “Glee.”

“The Walking Dead”: I’ll just say it — I’m kind of a chicken. I have the entire series on my DVR, taunting me every single day, but I’m scared to watch it. I have great trepidation about what happens to Rick Grimes’ horse in the first episode and that has made me reluctant to watch the series. One of these days I’ll just have to bite the bullet and have a zombiefest.

“Terriers”: I loved the first couple episodes, but then my DVR stopped recording it with too many conflicts in that time slot. I was very jealous when everyone around me raved about it though.
“30 Rock”: I faithfully watched “Community” and “The Office,” but I would then wander around to other shows on my DVR. Thursday night is packed with great TV. I vow, Liz Lemon, that I’m coming back for you.
“Raising Hope”: Another show that got lost in the shuffle. I find it incredibly funny and offbeat.
“Nikita”: Again, I enjoyed the first couple episodes, but I just couldn’t find the time to watch it all season. My pals have mixed reviews, but I haven’t met anyone who absolutely quit watching it. So, I’d like the chance to form my own opinion.
“Friday Night Lights”: I need to know what all the fuss is about.

Which shows, despite your best intentions, have clogged up your DVR this season? Are you planning to catch up or just give up?

Posted by:Rick Porter