curry knight Christopher Knight on split from Adrianne Curry: 'I love her dearly'On May 30, former “Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight and “America’s Next Top Model” Season 1 winner Adrianne Curry announced they were separating. Ironically, May 30 was also the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. 

Their manager released a statement saying, “After starting a relationship with that seemed to be irreconcilable difference, the couple has reached a period where those difference are no longer appreciated. The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union. They still love one another but need some distance to consider their future.”
Now, Knight is speaking up about the separation and basically echoes what the couple’s manager said. “I love her dearly,” Knight tells TMZ. “We just need some perspective… that’s all it is.”
Do you think those two crazy kids can work out their issues, Zappers? Better yet, do we really want them to?
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