Christopher-Meloni-hat.jpgWe were thrilled to hear the news that hottie Christopher Meloni would be playing a vampire in Season 5 of “True Blood.” Especially when we thought about the fact that he’d probably be getting naked. The show isn’t exactly known for it’s prudery.

Around the office, we’ve been discussing how soon we might be seeing this vision. We thought we’d ask you too. In fact, we did a little informal social media poll about how quickly the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Oz” star might drop trou. Here is what some people had to say:

@Da7e: “He’s supposed to be an elite-ish Vamp, right? 3 episodes, 2 scenes and even then prob in flashback.”

@Carpie2112: “I heard they told him to show up to set naked… but tucked Buffalo Bill style.”

@clee247365: “According to the ladies on Twitter, not fast enough!”

@LouisAtTVDotCom:  “Chris Meloni will get naked in as much time as it took Taylor Lautner to remove his shirt in Breaking Dawn.”

@BavarianErin: “I’m pretty sure his jingle bells are probably already on parade. “

@Qgirl25: “Hopefully he gets naked Asap. Love meloni + HBO = epicness!”

On Facebook, opinions were varied.

Michelle Carlbert said, “Okay I don’t have HBO but if that happens, I might just have to sign up for it just so I can see that ep.” Carla Day disagreed. He will stay fully clothed … at all times.”

So, we want to know what you think. Take our poll below and leave your comments.

Posted by:jbusch