Chrystal Workman, mother of Ariel Winter, was 'hated' by cast and crew of 'Modern Family'

It turns out that Chrystal Workman, mother of “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter, isn’t as full of sunshine and roses as she’d like the public to think she is. Her 14-year-old daughter has been removed from her custody following allegations of physical and emotional abuse, and though Workman has denied them, people who work on “Modern Family” are siding with Winter.

After some of Winter’s “Modern Family” cast and friends stood up for her yesterday, a source who has worked on the ABC comedy for over a year and who has had “constant contact” with Winter has spoken to TMZ and claimed that Workman made her daughter’s life a living hell.

“We’re told Chrystal would sit on set and watch Ariel like a hawk — and then berate her for her for her physical appearance, saying her ears were too big and she looked ugly in her clothes,” TMZ writes. “She also blocked Ariel from eating anything but egg whites and raw veggies.”

Because of this, Workman was “‘hated’ by the crew, producers, actors and other mothers,” and those on set would come up with plans to “sneak” Winter food like grilled cheese sandwiches while her mother wasn’t looking. Workman also allegedly would be very vocal about her daughter’s income on set, claiming she needed to get more money to support her family and pay for her agents, managers and publicists.

“I’m so happy for Ariel that she went to the extreme and got out from under that miserable woman’s care,” the source says.

For her part, Workman has stood by her claim that she’s never hurt her daughter.

“I have never slapped or hit Ariel,” Workman said in a court declaration. “I love Ariel very much and will do whatever is in her best interest.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz