The premiere of “Chuck’s” final season is now less than a month away, and Monday (Sept. 26) brought our first look at footage from Season 5.

The 60-second teaser does not disappoint. You’ll see the usual mix of action, humor and high stakes that the show has always had, but four things in particular stood out to us (and that’s not even counting the news that the show will introduce Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) mom before the show ends):

“Computer emergency?” Chuck (Zachary Levi), in full Nerd Herd uniform, says this line to a (presumed) bad guy at the 23-second mark in a nice callback to the early days of the show. Without the Intersect in his head, Chuck will have to rely on his own not-inconsiderable intelligence this season — along with everything else he’s learned the past four years.

“Working out the kinks”: Morgan (Joshua Gomez) does have the Intersect now, and the comic possibilities inherent in that idea seem pretty much endless. A small taste comes at :30, in the form of Morgan botching the landing as he hops a fence. And even though it’s not necessarily intended to be funny, the shot of him kicking a guy across the room six seconds later makes us smile too. Funny bits aside, though …

Does the right guy have the Intersect? Morgan wasn’t the intended recipient of the Intersect reload, and it looks as though that fact will (understandably) cause some tension in the ranks at Carmichael Industries. At the 38-second mark in the teaser, Morgan reminds Casey (Adam Baldwin) what’s in his brain, to which Casey replies, “Then act like it.” That’s followed by Chuck asking Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) if the upload glasses have any juice left in them. We don’t necessarily blame him, and we’re curious to see how this part of the story plays out.

Bad guys! Richard Burgi — who’s rather busy these days — will return as Clyde Decker, the CIA agent who shut Operation Bartowski down at the end of last season and who, as you see near the end of the teaser, doesn’t like Chuck in the private sector much either. We’re also guessing Rebecca Romijn’s character might be in cahoots with Decker.

“Chuck” premieres at 8 p.m. ET Friday, Oct. 21. What do you think of the teaser?

Posted by:Rick Porter