ryan mcpartlin chuck 320 'Chuck': A word from Captain AwesomeRyan McPartlin‘s character on “Chuck” gained knowledge of his brother-in-law’s double life at the end of last season. When the new season kicks off on Sunday (Jan. 10), Devin “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb will only get drawn deeper into Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) spy world.

As a consequence, McPartlin gets more to do this season — including a big story in the show’s third and fourth episodes, scheduled for Jan. 11 and 18.

“It was really cool [that] they chose my character to be the one to enter the spy world next,” McPartlin tells Zap2it. “And I have to say, Captain Awesome thinks he’s ready for the job without any spy training or anything, and it’s pretty hysterical to see what happens.”

In the interest of not spoiling what does happen, we’ll save most of McPartlin’s comments on Awesome’s espionage exploits until after the Jan. 11 episode. But I did get his thoughts on the following (and yes, I know it’s a silly question): Having played Captain Awesome for two-plus years now, does he feel any pressure to be more awesome in real life?

“That’s a good question, actually, even though it is ridiculous,” McPartlin (who’s also a very good sport) says. “I have to say I’ve come to appreciate my character more, because when I do look at something, whether it’s the way I change my kid’s diaper or whatever it might be, I really want to know the most proper way to do it. And I know Captain Awesome would feel the same way.

“If he’s going to do something he wants to do it the best — he doesn’t necessarily want to be the best in a competitive way, but he wants to do it the best possible way he knows how. So it’s not as competitive with anybody else as it is within himself. And I’ve started to get a little bit more of that in my own life.”

You can see Captain Awesome being awesome when “Chuck” begins its third season at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on NBC.

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