appleby robertson polaha lux 320 'Chuck' and 'Parenthood' are safe, but shows like 'Life Unexpected' still need our loveThough we’ve known for some time that two of our favorite sitcoms — “Better Off Ted” and “Scrubs” — were dunzo, the official network decision leaked out this week, just days before Upfronts in New York where the fall TV schedules will be formally announced.

And though we’re bummed about having to say goodbye — We liked Cole and Lucy and Drew and “Ted” was kind of comedy genius — we’re also happy to get word that “Chuck” has once again made the cut and we’ve been pumped about the “Parenthood” renewal for a couple weeks now. 
But there are several other shows still “on the bubble” and, we must admit, The CW’s “Life Unexpected” is the one we’re most worried about. Not that we think it won’t return. The amount of love that “LUX” has received from critics and loyal viewers should warrant its second season pick up. But in this business, nothing is certain until the contracts have been signed and the checks are in the mail, so Korbi TV would just like to make our position clear: If “Life Unexpected” doesn’t return, we’re going to be angry. Angry and hurt. Confused. We’ll feel jilted. Forgotten. Misunderstood, really.
If you rip Cate and Ryan and Baze from our lives, we’ll feel just like Lux. Abandoned. We’ve let these people into our lives now, CW. Respect that.
And how do you, dear readers, feel? Is “Life Unexpected” a show you’re pulling for? Or, perhaps, you’re more concerned with the thought of “FlashForward” disappearing? “One Tree Hill”?
Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, “Melrose Place” has blown up for good. This time around, the bomb definitely took.
So, yeah, talk to us in the comments section. 
We’d like to know where your heads are at… 
UPDATE Tuesday, May 18: Congratulations to the casts and crews of both “Life Unexpected” and “One Tree Hill” which, The CW announced today, will both return in the fall! 
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