chuck vs the suitcase 'Chuck': Catwalks, comedy and Karolina KurkovaMidway through Monday’s (Sept. 27) episode of “Chuck,” this recap was going to consist primarily of the best lines from a comedically packed hour. Then came the excellent supermodel fight, the return of the Buy Morons and several touching moments as it came to a close, and the design changed a little.

So while the comedy highlights will come in a bit, there’s a good bit of ground to cover in other areas.

Chuck and Sarah vs. the Supermodel: The mission of the week targets another Volkoff operative (cue meaningful looks among Team Bartowski for its possible mom connection), a supermodel/agent (played by real-life supermodel Karolina Kurkova) who’s looking to move some GPS-guided “smart bullets.” She’s due to make the sale during Milan’s fashion week. Several wrong turns later, Chuck and Sarah figure out the microchips for the bullets are sewn into a dress, and when Sarah finally gets her hands on it (and steps into it; cue Sarah cheesecake shot), it leads to a pretty fantastic fight scene on a fashion-show runway.

Chuck vs. Sarah: Fights aside, the real action is between Chuck and Sarah. Morgan talks about every relationship having an Achilles heel, and Chuck thinks it’s the fact that eight months after they moved in, she still hasn’t unpacked. This leads to their first couple fight when, as they’re defusing a bomb, Chuck blurts out that he “still” loves Sarah despite her “weird unpacking thing.”

By episode’s end, though, they’ve made up, and there’s a very sweet scene when Sarah reveals she always keeps a photo of her and Chuck in her suitcase. “You’re my home,” she says, and the audience collectively awwws. You know, until Chuck starts talking marriage and babies as they go to sleep. One thing at a time, man.

Morgan vs. the Buy More vs. believability: Gen. Beckman has the new Buy More running like a Swiss watch, which is a little … off, despite the presence of Isaiah Mustafa as a salesman/expert marksman. Morgan tells Beckman he can help the store keep its cover if he can introduce a few changes. Which means, yes, that Jeffster is back! As is the rest of the Buy More 1.0 team, ready to serve you as long as it’s convenient for them. Jeff and Lester’s video diary (“Jeff has a new pet rock named Bruce”) is one of the comedy highlights of the night, and for his work in preserving the CIA and NSA’s cover, Morgan gets the manager’s job from Beckman.

“Chuck” vs. our sentimental side: The close of the episode was chock-full of sweet/bittersweet/emotional moments, including the aforementioned Chuck-Sarah snapshot, Ellie worrying about her pregnancy (a nice moment for Sarah Lancaster) and Casey checking in his daughter. It was enough to make the room a little dusty as we watched.

And, as promised, a handful of the best lines from “Chuck vs. the Suitcase”:

Morgan: “Every great romance has [an Achilles heel] — Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Anakin and Padme …”

Beckman, explaining the fashion week mission: “Col. Casey, after the Yves St. Laurent incident, you have to sit this one out.”
Casey: “Stab one guy with a stiletto …”

Casey to Chuck: “Beautiful women have a lot of baggage. You should be happy Walker’s just a suitcase.”

Lester: “Do you ever miss Ace of Base?”
Jeff: “Always.”

Awesome: “Everyone [at the Buy More] was super-attractive and highly skilled. It’s like if I worked there.”

Guest star Lou Ferrigno, professing his love to Kurkova: “I’ve been your muscle for years … but my strongest muscle is my heart.” (Which is actually very sweet, but the comedy comes from the fact that it’s the Incredible Freakin’ Hulk saying it.)

Oh, and one last thing: Bronson Pinchot was listed as a guest star, but if you looked away momentarily you may have missed him. He had a wordless appearance in the first Milan scene as the fashion designer Chuck pointed to when Kurkova’s character busted him trying to pilfer her purse.

What did you think of the episode?

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