chuck greatest american her 'Chuck': Chuck Bartowski is the 'Greatest American Hero'I’m pinch-hitting on the “Chuck” recap tonight, so let’s see …

Everyone’s in on the secret except Ellie, Chuck’s a real spy, Sarah thinks he killed a man but Casey took that particular bullet (or fired it, as it were) and Chuck has been dispatched to D.C. for his final Official Spy Paperwork. And yucky Shaw is still hanging around. That about cover it?

Chuck & Sarah (& Shaw & Casey & Morgan & Jeffster! & The Ring)
In Washington, Chuck is given a fancy-schmancy assignment in Rome and when he balks, Gen. Beckman informs him he’ll have a week off to get his head on straight and then he’ll have his pick of agents for the assignment. So Chuck is off to “Bob Hope airport, to be exact,” to win back his FroYo ‘Ho.

But Sarah is angry that Chuck killed the CIA mole and says he’s not the guy she fell for. Chuck wants to tell Sarah, but Casey says absolutely not. So instead Casey, Awesome and Morgan dress like cat burglars and kidnap Chuck into Jeff’s van so he can crash Sarah and Shaw’s dinner date. Does anybody else like silly(er) Casey? I like it. The scenes with the four dudes in the van are excellent.

But who is also at the dinner date? A Ring agent (a real one, not just Morgan being all Ghostface on the phone). Chuck crashes the date and pleads with Sarah while Shaw is out
fighting the Ring minions (and getting Morgan tased in the process). Awesome tries to help and ends up awesomely crashing Shaw through the plate-glass window on Chuck and Sarah’s table just as Chuck is about to confess his love for her.

It turns out the Ring agent trying to kidnap Shaw stole a data drive from inside the CIA mole after he died and wants to take Shaw to the director of the Ring. Shaw volunteers to let the Ring take him so he can decimate the organization from the inside.

Meanwhile, in perhaps her best moment of the entire series, Sarah Lancaster’s Ellie smacks some sense into Chuck about getting Sarah back. Chuck of course then sees Sarah and Shaw kissing before he leaves for the Ring infiltration mission.

The Buy Morons are offended they weren’t asked to help on the date-crashing mission, so they follow Shaw to prove they can “stalk with the best of ’em.” Chuck locks Sarah in Castle to protect her, and he’s off too. So Chuck’s chasing Jeffster! chasing Shaw to the Ring.

The Ring disposes of Shaw’s tracking device and now the only people tracking them are Jeffster. Sarah gets Casey to break her out (using some awesome Morse Code Buy More ninja-ness) and is off too, so now it’s Sarah chasing Chuck chasing Jeffster! chasing Shaw.

Chuck catches up with Jeffster! and sends them off (after lauding their stalker prowess, of course), reaching the Ring base just as Gen. Beckman gives the order to deploy the B-52 bombers to take it out.

The Ring director gives Shaw a USB drive with footage of his wife on it. It turns out Shaw’s wife was Sarah’s red test. HOLY CRAP. Did not see that coming at all. The director turns out to be a hologram, and Shaw is tasered to the ground by a henchman.

Chuck is captured by some Ring agents while looking for Shaw and quickly makes mince of them with his newfound kung fu. He finds Shaw just as Sarah arrives. A missile does blow the warehouse to smithereens, but Chuck emerges all hero-like with Shaw flung over his shoulder, as Sarah cries in relief.

In the aftermath, Shaw is in the hospital recovering and Chuck just lays it all out for Sarah — he’s in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her to leave for Mexico tonight with him from Union Station, kisses her and walks away.

Casey comes to Sarah’s hotel room as she’s packing and confesses to her about who really killed the CIA mole during Chuck’s red test. She goes to leave with a smile on her face, tossing her gun on the bed. It would seem Sarah chose Chuck — till yucky Shaw shows up and tells her they need to go right away to get the Ring director. He drives her off into the desert.

Meanwhile, Beckman shows Chuck the footage from the Ring operative, and Chuck realizes he needs to save Sarah from Shaw. 

Ellie & Awesome
Their stuff is mostly Chuck-centric, but Ellie does get a sabbatical from the hospital so they can do Doctors Without Borders in Africa.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Does anyone think the footage of Sarah and Eve makes it look like the shot that kills Eve comes from behind Sarah? And she’s not actually responsible at all?
  • Morgan: Really? Is that’s what they teach you in the Marine Corps? Roll over and die?
    Casey: This isn’t exactly combat, Morgan.
    Morgan: That’s where you’re wrong, Casey. ‘Cause love… love is a battlefield.
  • Ellie: You didn’t go far enogugh, Chuck! Sarah is special. I know it, you know it. If you love her, if she’s the one, then you don’t stop, you don’t quit, you never go too far. You are a Bartowski, Chuck. Start acting like one.
  • Lester: You’re the Picasso of creepiness.
    Jeff: It’s true. And this is my blue period.
  • Jeff: Stalker’s log. Stalkee is behind a gray van with anothe rmale, possibly for a sexual encounter. Both men are physically fit, should be lively.
    Lester: Jeffrey, don’t make me afraid to be alone with you.

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